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discover ALLIANCE's Pharma Model, a powerful patient-based and disease-specific market model, the recommended framework for any patient/disease-based forecast

The pharma market model integrates data and intelligence from all available internal and external sources into one comprehensive and dynamic repository of drug, diagnosis and treatment specific knowledge.
As the drug's market definition is patient-based , this model should ideally form the corporate memory, the ‘one version of the truth’.

The market model is intuitive and easy to update, maintain or refine on an ongoing basis and can be used on a national, regional or international level. It  accommodates up to 52 countries, with country-specific data gathering possibilities, allowing free inputs for data gaps.
Impacts of any market update and any epidemiologic, treatment or label changes are immediately accounted for.

This powerful model consists of a baseline and simulation part so that for every variable what-if scenario’s can be played, and their impact on patient potential can be assessed right away.
The design also makes it possible to compare the market potential of a top-down approach with that of a bottom-up one.

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